Traffic ticket lawyers and traffic court agents can help you with your traffic ticket.

Have you received a traffic ticket?

Are you thinking of paying it? Don't. Not until you've spoken to a traffic ticket lawyer or paralegal (a traffic court "agent") and learned what paying that ticket will mean to you.

If you drive long enough, you'll probably get a traffic ticket.

Almost everyone gets a traffic ticket sooner or later. It may be for speeding, careless driving or some other moving violation. If you've been given a ticket, you're probably upset. That's understandable. You might be thinking you should just pay the ticket and get it over with. But that would be a mistake.

A speeding ticket or any other traffic ticket can be costly. Convictions can result in not only the cost of the ticket, but also the suspension of your driver's licence and huge increases in your auto insurance. Convictions can have hidden but far-reaching consequences that disrupt many areas of your life.

Don't pay a traffic ticket until you're fully informed.

Never pay or plead guilty to any traffic ticket until you know a few things. Paying a ticket is the same as entering a guilty plea. And you should never plead guilty to any charge, including a traffic charge, until you know how a guilty plea will affect you.

There's more to a traffic ticket than just the fine.

You might be thinking that all you have to worry about is the fine. But the fine, even a high fine, may be the least of your worries.

All moving violations carry demerit or penalty points.

A moving violation is a traffic offence whereby you are stopped by the police and issued a traffic ticket. The officer writes down your driver's licence number on the ticket. If you are convicted of the offence (for example, speeding), the associated number of demerit points will be placed on your driving record. If you get too many points on your driver's license, it will be taken from you (suspended).

If you're convicted of a traffic charge, your car insurance can go way up.

Traffic offences can cause your insurance premiums to increase by hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per year. Insurance companies base your premium on the risk they associate with you as a driver. That risk is directly tied to your driving record. The more tickets you are convicted of, the more demerits you get and the higher your insurance premiums. And if you become too high a risk, they simply won't insure you at all.

One traffic ticket can be one too many.

You don't have to get a lot of tickets for this to happen. Just one ticket can result in the loss of your license and increased insurance premiums.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way.

A traffic ticket lawyer or a traffic court agent can protect your driving record and low insurance rate from the impact of speeding and other types of traffic tickets. They can provide you with professional, affordable legal representation.

So, if you've been given a traffic ticket, even if it's your first one, check into things before you plead guilty.

Start by looking through our website. Watch our videos and learn all you can. Go to the "find a lawyer" search box and enter your location. Then make sure you talk to a professional about your traffic ticket.

Traffic Ticket Information Videos

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